Station Planning

Station Planning

Station Concept:

  • The Stations being windows to the metro service are tastefully designed reflecting local culture and flavour, functional aesthetics, user friendly, energy efficient and with a station architecture that is site specific and environmentally compatible.
  • The design identifies significant architectural features which should be taken into account. Along with a responsive design stations offer various facilities for the passengers.
  • Stations will be covered by an overlapping roofing system, open at sides, covering the platform, staircases & escalators designed based on architectural elements and functional aspects.

Station Structure:

The balanced cantilever structural system (Spine & Wing) typically adopted for metro stations is a unique one. It provides several advantages to the city during as well as after construction. The station piers are located at the central median and the station is cantilevered on the single column, thereby avoiding any structural support at the side medians.  

Entire structure will be resting on a single row of central columns located on the road median along the alignment. Consisting of concourse floor at first level and the platform at the top level. Both floors are cantilevering out from the central columns providing clear space for the road traffic at ground level.

Following advantages are achieved by virtue of this system:

  • Slick station box (20m) suitable for narrow streets of the city.
  • No obstruction to the surrounding properties.
  • Minimum impact on site lines for branching bye-lanes and roads.
  • No tunnel effect i.e. adequate ventilation and lighting for road users below.
  • Delinking of station box construction with entry structure construction.

Technical Influence:

  • The layout of the stations is influenced by the track geometry, operational requirements, predicted passenger flows, ROW availability and electrical & mechanical requirements.
  • The station is divided into public & non-public areas (areas where access is restricted).
  • Architectural planning, also indicates, State of art, Railway engineering equipment's installations at station concourse level for smooth Metro Rail operations and Passenger Safety.
  • Station Manager is located at convenient place with ease of access, if any passenger desire instant helps.

Commuter Facilities:

  • Ticketing Counters/Booths have been provided at all Stations along with Ticket Vending Machines making ticketing process simpler and faster.
  • Pedestrian facilities from the road to the concourse/car park and/or to the ticket counters and back shall have been provided to enable unhindered smooth flow of pedestrians using the Metro and making the commuting experience comfortable.
  • Toilets are provided separate for male and female and for disabled and normal passengers.
  • Facilities for disabled are provided at all stations for their safe movement from parking areas to the platforms and back. Lifts and escalators are also provided at Stations for the use of passengers including the physically challenged.
  • Facility of vending mineral water, cool drinks, coffee and tea shall be provided at all Stations.
  • Other retail areas which would enhance the experience of the rider have also been integrated in station planning.
  • Public access telephones will be provided at all Stations at convenient locations.

Station Navigation:

  • Signages are designed, with instant message transfer to passengers, from street level guiding at concourse level to platform level.

Security& Social Responsibilities:

  • Security of the commuter is a major concern and focus has been to provide advanced equipment for security of commuters shall be provided at each station like baggage screening devices, hand held devises, CCTV monitoring, access control system etc.
  • First aid medical assistance is being provided at concourse level at all stations.
  • DG and UPS back up is envisioned for all essential services.
  • Station planning is influenced by normal passenger flow and emergency evacuation scenario.
  • All required lifesaving facilities are being provided at stations, viz., fire protection, emergency lighting and signages, PA and PIDS, auto opening of ticketing gates, sizing of the staircases etc., as per relevant standards.