Power Supply, Traction And SCADA System

Power Supply, Traction And SCADA System

Hyderabad Metro Rail will have three elevated corridors with standard gauge system. Electrification for Metro Rail Corridors shall be through 25 kV, Single phase, 50 Hz for overhead equipment to transmit electrical energy to Locomotives/trains for driving the motors. To minimise interference with communication lines, Booster Transformer shall be provided throughout the corridors at specified locations.

Receiving Substations (RSS) are located at Uppal, Miyapur, Yosufguda&MGBS which will receive the power supply from the proposed APTRANSCO at 132 kV voltage level.

This 132 kV supply will be stepped down to 3 phase 33 kV for lighting & general purpose and single phase 25 kV for traction purpose.

All RSS are AIS (Air Insulated Substation) and TSS shall be GIS (GasInsulated Substation).ASS (Auxiliary Substations) shall be located at each Metro Stations, Depotsand OCC for providing LV power supply with 33 kV/ 415 V for S& TC, Communications, MEP etc.

For maintenance purpose OHE (overhead equipment) will have sectioning post, sub sectioning and paralleling post at various locations.

SCADA System:

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system provide the highest level of Monitoring, controlling and command. A centralised OCC (operation Control Centre) shall be located at Uppal Depot to Control entire Power Supply and Traction system Equipment's through SCADA.

Salient features of Power Supply and Traction System:-

Technical Data
OHE at Main Line Conventional regulated type
OHE at Yards Tramway regulated type
System voltage 25 kV AC, 1Ø, 50 Hz
Design Speed 90 kmph
Operational Speed 80 kmph
Auxiliary Power Transformer 132/33 kV, oil type
Traction Power Transformer 132/25 kV, oil type
Auxiliary Transformer (at Station & Depots) 33/415 V, Dry Type
33 kV cable Ring main network
Height of OHE above the Rail level 5.00 Meter