The Hyderabad Metro Rail is the world’s largest metro project in public-private partnership mode. It covers 69.2 km across three corridors, transforming Hyderabad, triggering robust economic activity around the city.

Hyderabad Goes High-Speed

The metro is the preferred choice of Mass Transport System for cities worldwide, offering a viable solution to the infrastructure challenges that accompany urban expansion. Hyderabad’s Metro Rail will feature several commuter-friendly advantages.

  • Project Highlights

    The Hyderabad Metro project brings together 'best in class' resources and technology in every aspect of the project - Stations, Station Planning, Rolling Stock, Track Work, Depots, AFC, Power Supply, Traction And SCADA System, Signalling And Train Control System, Telecom System, MEP


The pictures posted on the website are artistic impression of the upcoming Metro Rail Project in Hyderabad and the implementation of the project shall be essentially based on the detailed drawings and designs finalised in due course of time.

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