Advertising on HMR Spaces is all about emotional connect with the target group - The Hyderabad Metro Rail Project will transform the city of Hyderabad into one of India's most futuristic cities with a new urban landscape marking the beginning of an era of seamless commuting in India.

Hyderabad Metro Rail, with its potential is not only a boon for the people of Hyderabad, but also for Brands/Companies looking for smart & unique Advertisement opportunities that will fetch them.

  • Cut through the clutter
  • Top of the mind recall
  • Competitive edge
  • Varied Reach
  • Awareness & Exposure
  • Deeper Market Penetration

The new city of Hyderabad offers unique advertising opportunities for Individual Brands as well as Advertising & Media companies, positively impacting life style changes.

  • Rights Business:
    • Station Naming Rights: List of Stations (View PDF)
      Eg: “XYZ” (brand name) Ameerpet (station name) station – Partially concluded

    • Corridor Naming Rights: An Individual corridor to be named after a Brand.
      Eg: Line crossing “XYZ” (brand name) Corridor (either 1, 2 or 3)

    • Pouring Rights on stations: A leading beverages brand shall be entitled to sell its range of beverages across stations - Concluded
    • Broad casting Rights: Rights to air only a particular channel on station (s) - Concluded
    • Experiential Marketing Rights: Rights to sample a product (s) on station (s)
    • Train Wraps & Inside advertisements 
  • Advertising on Smart Card & Tokens:
    • The Smart Cards & Tokens will be available four months prior to Commercial Operations Date
    • Initial Smart Card launch will be for # 10,00,000 – Partially Concluded
    • Initial Token launch will be for # 8,00,000
  • Standalone Advertising Possibilities:
    • Outside the stations
    • Inside the stations
    • On the train exteriors – Train wrap
    • Inside the trains – Static & Digital
    • On the piers/pillars
    • On the portals
    • On the viaduct
    • On the Transit Oriented Development spaces

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