Signalling And Train Control System

Signalling And Train Control System
  • The advanced signalling & Train Control technology, Communication Based Train Control (CBTC), is adopted for Hyderabad Metro to control the trains. Hyderabad Metro would be first in India to claim train control by CBTC technology. The trains running on three corridors will be controlled and monitored from state-of-the-art Operation Control Centre (OCC) at Uppal.
  • The trains can run with headway of 90 Sec to tackle commuters during office peak hours in morning and in evening. The overview display panel will mimic all three corridors and indicate current locations of all trains running on these corridors. The OCC shall be the primary control centre having a back-up control centre at Uppal depot to take over the operation if the OCC to be evacuated due to unforeseen situation.
  • Local ATS at station and VDU at interlocking station can also control the train when needed. Axle Counter based Fall-Back system is also adopted as secondary train detection system in all three corridors in unlikely event of failure of CBTC operation.
  • There are two major depots at Uppal and Miyapur. These depots will be controlled and monitored from independent control centres at Uppal and Miyapur respectively. The signalling at these depots shall be based on redundant Computer Based Interlocking (CBI) system.
  • Test tracks at the Uppal depot shall facilitate testing of trains before putting them in to the passenger operation to ensure safe and reliable train operation.
  • The trains shall run on Automatic Train Operation (ATO) mode which is the normal mode of operation of trains. The Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system continuously monitors safe train operation and initiates necessary action if a train doesn't perform as desired.
  • There are other degraded modes of train operation such as ATP mode, RM mode and Cut out mode which will be selected as and when needed. All vital train borne equipments are highly safe and redundant to avoid any unwanted interruption of train service.
  • The station equipments e.g. Computer Based Interlocking (CBI), wayside ATP etc., are vital signalling equipments and redundantly arranged to ensure safe and uninterrupted train operation. Passenger Emergency Stop Plungers are provided on each platform and in Station Control Room (SCR) to stop a train immediately in case of emergency.