Nukkad Natak

Street Plays or Nukkad Natak are an effective mode of communication. They have immediate impact and ensure effective results. The local language, accent and style of performance makes it an easy to understand mode of communication.

In a bid to instill better civic sense, pride and create awareness among commuters on various aspects of the L&T Metro Project, we propose to organise and coordinate Nukkad Nataks with voluntary associations in two different phases.

1st Phase - How Hyderabad Metro Rail will change life of an individual & general awareness.

  • General updates about the Metro
  • Time saving
  • Energy saving
  • Safety & Security
  • Eco-friendly
  • Technology

2nd phase- Educating people on Do's & Don'ts about Metro.

  • How to use escalators
  • How to buy & use tickets
  • How to enter the Metro rail etc.